Solar Eclipse - McMinnville Option

  • 08/21/2017
  • 6:00 AM
  • Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville

For those not going with Don on August 21st Run to Darkness to view the eclipse in Central Oregon, the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville is in the 100% darkness zone and is hosting an eclipse viewing party on the 21st, with parking provided (and hopefully no traffic jams). There will be activities and lectures on the eclipse on the outside grounds and in their theater. You can get eclipse party-only tickets for $5 (includes parking and a pair of eclipse glasses with each ticket) or adult combination eclipse/museum full access tickets for $17 Adult or $14 Senior, Youth $9. Full info is on the purchase page on their website, and tickets are only sold online.


Parking lots open at 6am and there will be overflow parking starts when the primary lot fills up. Shuttle buses from the overflow lot are provided.


The event opens at 7am and the eclipse begins at about 9:16am, I believe. When I bought our tickets their little counter box on the screen said there were 400 tickets left, but when I checked today it said 866 so they must have expanded the attendance limit.


I’m not intending this to be a group run, just a meet-up at Evergreen for anyone who wants to see the eclipse but doesn’t want to fight the rest world to get to central Oregon (we’ve read about the half-million coming from other states, but a friend from Bend told me yesterday that a Japanese contingent rented the entire Kahneeta Resort two years ago, and Deschutes County is treating the eclipse as a disaster exercise for their emergency services people due to the traffic, food and sanitation impacts).


If anyone else wants to meet up with me at the event please send me an email at and I’ll figure out a meeting location and time on the grounds. If you don’t want to coordinate a meetup, just wave to Sylvia and me if you see us.

Address: PO Box 396, Portland, Oregon 97207

Email: zoomzoom [at]

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