Flyin’ Miata Hush-o-matic active muffler

02/09/2017 2:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Flyin’ Miata Hush-o-matic active muffler. Twin tips with a vacuum operated butterfly valve that lets more sound out when you are hard on the throttle, while being quiet in normal driving. 

I purchased the muffler and the electronic control. The muffler installed easily and fits perfectly. The electronic control was a bit tricky to connect the wiring under the fuse box. However, being careful and not rushing was the key to my successful installation. 

The result is outstanding! The Flyin' Miata video can't duplicate how nice the car sounds. In the quiet mode the sound is just slightly louder than stock. Just the right volume for a true sports car with a quiet idle and NO drumming sound at freeway speeds. In the active mode, the sound has a deep, throaty note that sounds so nice, especially on a twisty uphill with lots of gear changes. This is Miata number 8 for me. All generations, from street to track day prepared and this is the best sound I have experienced!

-Ken Johnson
2016 Ceramic GT

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