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Upcoming events

    • 08/18/2018
    • 08/19/2018
    • PIR, 1940 N Victory Blvd, Portland, OR 97217, USA

    Dash for Kids Race and Auction

    This years Dash for Kids Race and Auction will be held on August 18, 2018 and August 19, 2018 @ Portland International Raceway, 1940 N Victory Blvd, Portland, OR 97217, USA

    Special RSVP required.  See below.

    With the help and support of MHMC and friends, Woodstock Motorsports (Jess & Addie), has volunteered to cook up and serve lunch to the kids, families, race car drivers and crews, race workers and the public on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 18th and 19th.  This is a donation driven fund raiser for Take Charge and Doerenbecher Children's Hospital.  If you have not volunteered for this event before, you will experience children and their families enjoying a new carefree adventure away from their medical care or what ever stress there is in their lives.  Jess will be giving rides for a donation in his V8 Miata.

    See the attached race schedule.  Plan to arrive before one race ends and the next one starts at the West gate entrance from Broadacre Road to drive across the track between turn 7 & 8 to the center field near the motocross track.  We ask that the majority of volunteers arrive by 9:00 AM or 9:30 AM and some are needed until 2:00 PM to help with clean up each day.  It would be appreciated if you can stay at least 1 - 2 hours, especially in the earlier hours to help set up.  We have been blest with enough volunteers so that anyone can catch a fast track race car ride, shop at the silent auction, take a break, visit, have some fun, watch races, etc.    Bring fold up chairs, sunscreen, cameras, and hats.  Take breaks when needed.  HAVE FUN!

    Saturday, Aug. 18th:  

    Need 10+ volunteers on Saturday to help with the Pasta, meatballs, salad, garlic bread, cookies, fruit, beverages lunch prep.  Some of the volunteers will be needed to help set up pop up tents and tables, tape down table cloths, set up serving utensils, ice down beverages, set up buffet salad and fruit bar, coordinate serving pasta/sauce/cheese/meatballs, spread butter and/or garlic spread and toast bread, cookies, clean up, trash disposal, etc.  We have two volunteer chefs lined up but will need assistance where needed in all areas at various times so every one can take a break and have fun.

    Sunday, Aug. 19th:

    Need 10+ volunteers on Sunday to help with chili dogs, salads, chips, fruit, cookies, beverages lunch prep.  Some of the volunteers are needed to help with the cooking, buffet table food set up, serving utensils, ice down beverages, coordinate serving, clean up, trash disposal, take down tents - tables - chairs, etc. as needed.  We have one volunteer chef so far.  We will need assistance where needed in all areas at various times so every one can take a break and have fun.

    Please RSVP to Addie at or call her at 831-227-4343 to advise her when you think will be able to help out on Saturday and/or Sunday so we can make plans.  [Even if you signed up on our website this will help Jess & Addie schedule both days events]

    RSVPs are a must for ALL events.  Please register with Jess and Addie and on the club website.

    • 09/11/2018
    • 09/12/2018

    Tour de USA

    ORGANIZER:  Jack Pendleton

    Tour'd USA will be in Oregon and California in early September.

    Tuesday, September 11 the Tour will go from Boise to Eugene via Rt 20.  This is a 450-mile run that will start out from Boise very early, say 7 or 8 AM.

    Wednesday, September 12 the Tour goes from Eugene to Willows, CA.   This is also a long run through back roads. 

    There is no more detailed info available yet.  As we have more details, we will post them.  

    If you are interested in MHMC participating in some part of this as a club, please contact me at and register on the MHMC website.  If there is enough interest we will set this up as a club run.

    If you want to participate directly in Tour'd USA, you can register at the link at near the bottom of the event description below.

    Hello, and thanks for opening my email.
    My name is Robert Hess, I’m a 15-year prostate cancer survivor, and I’m reaching out to car clubs across the US and Europe about our trans-US world record attempt road rally this summer for prostate cancer, beginning August 15th.

    I'm donating 36 days this summer, crossing the United States and back for prostate cancer awareness and prevention. Our mission is to save the lives of the 27,000 men who die every year from prostate cancer.
    Full event details are at

    The rally begins in Los Angeles on August 15th and goes to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina (Stop at UNC in honor of Donald R. Tomlin and a trip along theTail-of-the-Dragon), Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska (2018 SCCA ProSolo Nationals), Wyoming, Idaho, Montana (Little Big Horn), Oregon, Coastal California (northern – including Highway 299 to Redding and Highway 36 to Red Bluff), Sonoma Valley, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow Raceway, Willowsprings Raceway, and back to Los Angeles.
    This is an all-volunteer project. Registration proceeds go to the Cancer Journeys Foundation ( to support their free prostate cancer early detection system (
    We are after a dual world record: 1) the longest charity road rally (pretty much in the bag) and 2) the largest charity road rally - most participants (we really need support!!!) We're reaching out to 452 auto enthusiast clubs with an estimated total membership of just over 12,000. So the potential is there!
    Participants don’t need to drive the entire route with us. They just need to register and, hopefully, link up with us at the daily start, finish, or the mid-day rally point and drive a few miles with us.
    We have a driver’s forum on the website at where drivers can connect and coordinate.
    Please take a moment to review the website and share this opportunity with your club members.

    Drivers register for the event at this link:
    Almost 27,000 American men will die from prostate cancer this year and they don’t need to. They just need to know about prostate cancer and the simple way they can measure their risk using the ProstateTrackerApp. Let's help them beat prostate cancer!
    Please reach out to me with any questions –

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to meeting you along the way. Happy adventure motoring!

    Warm regards,


    Connect with us:
    Facebook: CancerJourneysFoundation
    Facebook: TourdeUSA

    World Record Road Rally Attempt to End Prostate Cancer


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    View it in your browser.

    • 09/13/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 730 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver WA

    September Dinner Meeting

    Thursday, September 13, 2018


    730 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver WA [google map link]
    (360) 253-9030


    A private banquet room is reserved from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Meet from 5:30 pm for cocktails and conversation prior to dinner and the meeting. The meeting will begin at approximately 7:45. 

    RSVP’s are requested and required by 5:00 pm on Wednesday before the meeting (we have to provide a head count to the restaurant). RSVP’s are also required to receive one free raffle ticket when additional raffle tickets are purchased for the prize drawing that evening.

    See you there. Guests are always welcome. If you have something for the raffle it's always appreciated. 

    RSVPs are a must for ALL events. Please register here on the event page.

    • 09/14/2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • 09/16/2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • Laguna Seca Raceway, Salinas, California

    Miatas at Laguna Seca

    Event Organizer:  No one yet.  No firm plans for a club run.

    The biggest annual Miata celebration on the continent!  PLEASE NOTE, there are a few parts to this event: Woodstock Motorsports will have a garage, and the Miatas at Laguna Seca is listed below that.

    •  2 days of high speed track time at world famous Laguna Seca.
    •  Hundreds of Miatas and Miata enthusiasts of all types from around the world.
    •  Parade laps on Saturday and Sunday.
    •  Vendors on hand with displays and demos and product specials.
    •  A chance to ride along with a pro driver on the track.
    •  Free BBQ and car show on Friday night.
    •  A party with live band on Saturday night.

    A bunch of MHMC cars went for the 25th anniversary of the Miata.  It was really fun

    Woodstock Motorsports (Jess and Addie) will be there in their own garage:
    Woodstock Motorsports has signed up again for Miatas at Laguna Seca with a garage.  Since the hot laps enrollment sells out within a couple of hours, we encourage anyone interested in fast laps on track to be ready to sign up on May 12th at 9:00 AM with their credit card, driver and car information.  Jess will be giving free rides in his V8 Miata on both Saturday and Sunday.  We encourage members to attend this fun event as there is the Friday BBQ, Car show followed by Saturdays open garages, car rides, displays, fun laps, etc.  Sign up for Saturday night dinner ASAP too, as that always sells out quickly and is fun.  We, and others, have already made out hotel reservations.  If you can't find a decent priced room in Monterey there is always quiet affordable Marina, a short drive down the coast, with several beach side hotels.

    Registration time is almost here!

    Will you be joining us for our 9th year?  We have another fantastic event in store for you in 2018!  

    Event dates: September 14-15-16
    Where: Laguna Seca Raceway 
    Our Event Website:

    Event registration opens for all Participants and
    Hot Laps drivers at 9am sharp Pacific Time on May 12thLast year the most popular Hot Lap spots sold out in less than 15 minutes, with the event completely selling out, including the now legendary Saturday Party, in just a few hours. (Reminder: All registration links (including link to purchase Saturday Party tickets) will not go "live" until 9am on May 12th).

    Thanks to you, we've continued to grow in attendance (and fun) every year. Last year we had around 1,000 Miata enthusiasts and over 800 Miatas! This year we will once again feature:

    - The ever popular Moss Motors BBQ and Car Show on Friday afternoon in the Embassy Suites Seaside (event hotel) parking lot (Event Schedule)
    - Hot Laps both Saturday and Sunday for qualified drivers.  Please see our driver experience and Miata technical requirements to make sure you're signed up for the right run group matching your experience level, and that your car meets the necessary safety specs.
    - Free track rides at speed in track-prepared Miatas with one of our Sponsors, Vendors or other experienced Hot Lap drivers. Bring your helmet, register as a Participant and be prepared to be amazed.
    - Not ready for hard core Hot Laps? How about taking some Parade Laps in your own Miata on Saturday and Sunday. Open to all Miata drivers registered as Participants. Want a picture of you driving your Miata down the famous Corkscrew? Our official event photographer Got Blue Milk will be there again taking professional photos. Please make sure to stop by the Got Blue Milk trailer before Parade Laps to get a number for your windshield to make it easier to pick out your Miata from everyone else's.
    - The Saturday Bash is back again!  Those who have attended in previous years know.  This is the evening to catch up with old friends and share your Miata stories over a glass of wine and delicious food, with panoramic views of the track up at the Hospitality Pavilion.  Tickets ($35pp) sell out very quickly every year, so please be sure to grab yours early.

    We're proud to once again offer you something that happens only at Miatas at Laguna Seca -- the chance to meet and interact with all the top Miata folks from all around the country, all in one place.  Whether you have questions or want to get a killer "event special" deal, they're all here: This year Flyin' Miata will once again be kicking things up an extra notch in their sponsorship support of the event. Due to recent changes in track administration/policies, we were faced with the decision to either limit the number of sessions or the number of run groups per day. Flyin' Miata has stepped up to pay the cost for extra track time, allowing five sessions for every group instead of four. And if that weren't enough, in order to show off their 50 state legal turbo kits, Flyin' Miata will be doing an installation of a California legal turbo kit over the course of the weekend. If you have an NA and are interested in free professional installation of a turbo, please contact them at Stop by their garages during the event to thank them for the extra session, and to watch the turbo install progress.

    Our main event hotel will again be Embassy Suites Monterey where we'll be holding the Moss Miata BBQ and Car Show on Friday the 14th as part of event check-in and registration. As hotel prices tend to skyrocket at that time of the year we've reserved a block of discounted rooms here as well as next door at Holiday Inn Express especially for our attendees. Please book early via this link.

    We look forward to seeing all of you in September!

    The Miatas at Laguna Seca team

    Registration will open May 12 at 9 am Pacific

    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 1021 Monterey Salinas Hwy, Salinas, California 93908


    • 09/20/2018
    • 09/23/2018
    • Hood River, Oregon

    Hot Lava 2017+1 = aka HOT LAVA 2018
    Let's do this again!

    September 20-23, 2018, in Hood River, Oregon!

    Event registration IS OPEN!

    Download the full Program with RUN DETAILS HERE! [Please note that it will be the corresponding DAY OF THE WEEK for 2018, updated program to follow]

    Join us for a touring weekend with route options* to Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Mt Hood and other Columbia Gorge attractions. You may remember that Mt St Helens became famous when it erupted violently in 1980.  Hot Lava has attracted many cars from across the US and Canada, so you may meet many old and new zoom-zoom friends.

    HOT LAVA 2018 is $90 for a single participant, and $175 for a pair.  The registration fee includes Thursday evening welcome social, entry to all activities/runs [including Saturday lunch], goodie bag, and the Saturday night closing banquet.  There will also be an optional Sunday morning breakfast run. 

    Payment is accepted through this registration process by credit card [our card processor is PayPal, you do not need an account].  Checks can be mailed to the club PO box and need to be received by August 20th.  If you received any items for the 2017 Hot Lava please bring them with you as we do not want to duplicate items.

    SHIRT NOTES: Registration does not include shirts due to the fact that prior registrants did receive theirs. If you are interested in a shirt please indicate size & style and Kimberly will be in touch with pricing & order details later.  [We will have a +1 iron on patch to put next to the original patch on shirts]

    OUR PAYMENT PROCESSOR IS PAYPAL.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, SIMPLY PROCESS AS YOU WOULD ANY ONLINE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION.  If you are mailing a check you should receive an email invoice with the club address, and the PO Box is also on the bottom of every page of our website.  The total will NOT include shirt cost or upcharges.

    PLEASE NOTE you may register two participants in a PAIR transaction, each participants information and optional shirt info will need to be completed.  Any questions with the registration process please email

    Registration will close on August 15, 2018. There will be no late or day of registration.  Please note that the hotel will only hold our block of rooms until August 1st.  The hotel dates are subject to change and we will update as needed.

    Lodging is available at:

    Best Western Plus Hood River Inn, with budget rooms to suites available. Reservations can be made now by calling 1-800-828-7873.  To get the discounted rates tell them you are with the MT HOOD MIATA CLUB.  Our discounted rates are available only by phone.

    Lodging in Hood River is hard to come by as their busy season extends into October. We have arranged a block of rooms for your convenience at Best Western Plus Hood River Inn. We have budget rooms to suites, some with a view of the mighty Columbia River, and the 4th floor is no children if you prefer a quieter setting.  Some of the suites are large enough to accommodate 4-6 people, so bring your friends. There is a 9.8% room tax, and Thursday night is considered a weeknight so the fees For Friday and Saturday nights is slightly higher.

    Reservations can be made by phone call ONLY at 1-800-828-7873, tell them you are with MT HOOD MIATA CLUB to get the discounted rates. All rooms must be booked by the cutoff date of August 1st, or they go back to inventory to sell at their usual rates. Please book your room early! 


    • Thursday evening will be our check-in and Welcome Event.
    • Drives on Friday and Saturday, with a lunch included on Saturday. 
    • Other activities are anticipated.
    • Saturday evening banquet enjoyed with all participants.  
    • There will be an optional breakfast run on Sunday for those who are interested.
    Hot Lava Details

    For any questions, you can email:
    • 10/06/2018
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Maryhill, WA

    Car is King at Maryhill

    October 6, 2018

    Event Planner(s): Don Peter

    What: Car is King at Maryhill Museum – Saturday October 6.

    Where: Meet at Orchards Burgerville, NE 4th Plain Blvd and NE Gher Road, Vancouver (About a mile north of the Corksport location).

    When: Meet at 7:45 AM - Leave at 8:00 AM.

    Join us for what could be the last top-down run of the year!  The drive to Maryhill is ~100 miles east on Highway 14 with a stop in North Bonneville.

    Car exhibits are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The hill climb course is open from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

    From the event organizers:

    Concours de Maryhill - Saturday, October 6, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Dozens of classic, sport, and customized cars on view, competing for prizes such as best original, classic, hot rod and muscle car.  This is an open car show and anyone with a special car may enter.  The day concludes an awards presentation.  Organized by the Goldendale Motorsports Association.  Free on museum grounds.

    Drive the Maryhill Loops Road - Saturday, October 6, Noon to 2 p.m. 

    The Historic Maryhill Loops Road, one of the first modern roads in the Northwest, is opened for automobiles only twice a year.  This is your chance to take a spin past the beautiful scenery and through the road’s eight hairpin curves.  Free on museum grounds.

    RSVPs are a must for ALL events.

    Please register here on the event page - we need a car count and a person count if we stop for a meal.

    • 10/11/2018
    • 10/14/2018
    • Granbury, TX


    Event Organizer:  Lone Star Miata Club (Dallas, TX)


    MHMC Organizer: Dan VanGundy

    Dan is going on an extended (1-2 weeks) road trip to the Texas Miata Roundup at the Motorsport Ranch in Granbury, TX (just southwest of Fort Worth)

    Unfortunately, at this time, this is a "Details to Follow" event on their website, but Dan has details.  He is planning for several other destinations en-route including Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival that begins 10/6.

    Anyone who wants to go along for all or part of the trip is welcome.  Contact Dan directly for details, including hotel info along the route.  This is for info only, it is not necessary to register on the MHMC website.


    • 10/20/2018
    • 1:45 PM
    • NW Auto Accessories, 10652 NE Holman St., Portland, OR 97220, USA

    Meguiar's Miata Care Clinic


    ORGANIZER: Peggy Oliver

    WHERE: NW Auto Accessories, 10652 NE Holman St., Portland, OR 97220, USA


    NW Auto Accessories/NW Truck Accessories is putting on a car care clinic just for our club on August 18th at 2 pm.  We suggest you arrive by 1:45 that afternoon.  We will meet there, unless someone would like to organize a quick run there.

    The clinic will be paint and interior care for the Mazda Miata.  The events usually take from 2-3 hours and would be done by the regional manager from Meguiar's. 

    Product would be available after the clinic at a special club discount.  Refreshments will be provided.  We have a large facility and parking.  

    These events are very educational and a real benefit to your members.  Terry Richards the regional sales manager from Meguiar’s has worked with many Miata clubs in the Northwest and Inter-mountain regions with great success and tremendous attendance.  

    RSVPs are a must for ALL events.  Please register here on the event page - we need a car count and a person count if we stop for a meal.

    • 10/27/2018

    Cemetery Crawl 2018

    Kim Smith - organizer

    October 27, 2018

    Mark the date, details to come!

    • 10/04/2019
    • 10/06/2019
    • Vermont

    Green Miatas in the Green Mountains



    Please share with any of your club members that own either 1991 or 2001 British Racing Green Special Edition Miatas.

    Green Miatas in the Green Mountains

    October 4-6 2019

    Announcing the first ever event for 1991 and 2001 British Racing Green Special Edition Miatas to be held in Vermont's Green Mountains.

    Event headquarters will be The Gray Ghost Inn in West Dover, Vermont. It is a wonderful facility that caters to many different two- and four-wheel motoring groups, and offers more than 20 pre-planned driving routes including “Giddy from the Turns,” “Covered Bridges and River Flats,” and “Eats and Arts.”

    This will be an opportunity for owners of both vintages of the BRG Special Edition to gather and admire these wonderful cars and to tour the surrounding countryside during the most spectacular time of year in Vermont.

    Note that this is planned for 2019, 18 months from now. The Gray Ghost has 26 guest rooms, and at this point, most rooms are available. Rooms can be reserved online at or by phone, 802-464-2474. Because rooms for that time of year go quickly, you are encouraged to make your reservations well in advance.

    More details will be forthcoming as they are developed, but I wanted to get this early notice out so you can begin planning.

    Looking forward to seeing the Green Miatas in the Green Mountains,
    Tom Davies

Past events

08/10/2018 Painted Hills & John Day Fossil Beds Run - Overnight
08/10/2018 Mazda Event in Snoqualmie, WA
08/04/2018 MOUNTAINS to the SEA. A classic two-day Time-Speed-Distance road rally
07/26/2018 Portland Vintage Racing Festival - 2018
07/22/2018 Amity Pancake Breakfast and Old Car Show
07/21/2018 Alan Webb Mazda BBQ
07/21/2018 C.C.C. Road Run to Webb Mazda BBQ
07/15/2018 Forest Grove Concourse Car Show
07/13/2018 Dairy Queen Vancouver Meet Up
06/18/2018 Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
05/26/2018 Washington Scenery Run
05/19/2018 Jim Oliver Memorial Run
05/06/2018 The Road Home
05/04/2018 Newport Loyalty Days Parade
05/04/2018 Reach the Beach!
04/21/2018 8th Annual Mt Hood Miata Scratch & Ding Clinic
04/19/2018 Zoomers Wooden Shoe Tulip Run
04/07/2018 “Ride to the End of the Earth” with Club Miata Northwest
03/16/2018 A Weekend at Ocean Shores WA with Club Miata Northwest
03/10/2018 McMinnville Wine & Food Classic Run
03/08/2018 MARCH DINNER MEETING - OSF Vancouver
02/18/2018 Run with Peggy
02/08/2018 FEBRUARY DINNER MEETING - Casa Colima Restaurant
02/04/2018 Super Bowl LII Run & Potluck
01/27/2018 Portland international Auto Show
01/13/2018 First Run of 2018
01/11/2018 January Meeting
12/03/2017 Holiday Party 2017
11/09/2017 November Meeting
10/28/2017 Halloween Boo Run
10/18/2017 Zoomers Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch Run
10/12/2017 October Meeting
10/07/2017 Columbia Gorge MG Club Run
10/07/2017 Car is King at Maryhill Museum
10/06/2017 Ralph Gingrich Memorial Fort Bragg Run
10/06/2017 Miatas at MRLS 2017
10/01/2017 Bent Shovel Run
09/28/2017 Zoomers Run to Stevenson
09/23/2017 Wine Country run
09/20/2017 Zoomers Run to Stevenson
08/29/2017 Zoomers Run to Edgefield
08/26/2017 CorkSport Dyno Day Event
08/26/2017 Mountains to the Sea Rally
08/21/2017 Solar Eclipse - McMinnville Option
08/21/2017 CANCELLED - Run to Darkness
08/20/2017 Doerenbecher Dash for Kids
08/12/2017 Dufur Vintage Days
08/06/2017 MHMC Annual Summer Picnic
08/02/2017 Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
07/29/2017 Fly-in-Cruise-in Car and Plane Show
07/29/2017 Portland Vintage Racing Festival
07/22/2017 Alan Webb BBQ
07/22/2017 Basket Flats Boogie Run
07/13/2017 July Meeting
07/11/2017 Wright Turns Zoomer Run
07/08/2017 Full Moon Run
07/04/2017 Jake Wright Memorial Drive/Parade
06/28/2017 Hot Lava Meeting
06/17/2017 West Cascades Scenic Byway Tour 2017
06/08/2017 June Meeting
05/26/2017 Topless Sun Run
05/11/2017 May Meeting
04/15/2017 7th Annual Mt Hood Miata Scratch & Ding Clinic
04/13/2017 April Meeting
04/06/2017 PIR Auto Swap Meet
04/01/2017 Fools Ferry-Ride Run
03/17/2017 Portland Roadster Show
03/12/2017 McMinnville Wine & Food Classic Run
03/09/2017 March Meeting
02/12/2017 First Run of 2017
02/09/2017 February Meeting
02/05/2017 Super Bowl Run and Potluck
01/12/2017 January Meeting
12/04/2016 2016 MHMC Holiday Party
11/16/2016 Zoomers Franz Bakery Tour - Reschedule
11/10/2016 November Meeting
10/29/2016 2016 Cemetery Crawl
10/15/2016 CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER - Hood River Valley Harvest Fest
10/13/2016 October Meeting
10/01/2016 Car is King at Maryhill Museum
10/01/2016 Miatas at MRLS 2016
09/28/2016 Hot Lava Planning Meeting
09/25/2016 Wine Tour & Lunch Run
09/18/2016 Mt Angel Oktoberfest
09/17/2016 THOR'S Six Covered Bridge Tour
09/14/2016 Zoomers Franz Bakery Tour
09/08/2016 September Meeting
08/23/2016 Hot Lava Planning Meeting
08/13/2016 Dufur Vintage Days
08/07/2016 Annual Club Picnic
08/01/2016 Flyin' Miata Summer Camp
07/31/2016 The Great Oregon Steam Up
07/16/2016 2016 Mazda Appreciation Day BBQ
07/14/2016 Explore Oregon 2016
07/01/2016 Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Auto Races
06/23/2016 Zoomer's Run
06/11/2016 Ride Leader Training Rum
06/04/2016 Wandering Around Washington
05/22/2016 Lewis River - Bingen Run
05/22/2016 Miata Wild West Tour
10/03/2015 Car is King at Maryhill Museum
09/27/2015 Brunch and Tour with the MG Club
09/17/2015 HOT LAVA 2015
09/06/2015 Sunday run to Newport
08/23/2015 "Dash for Kids" benefitting Doerenbecher Hospital
08/09/2015 Dufur Threshing Bee
08/08/2015 Annual Club Picnic
05/09/2015 World of Speed
04/09/2015 April Dinner Meeting
03/14/2015 McMinnville Wine and Food Classic Run
02/25/2015 Zoomers Wild Side Ride
01/08/2015 January Dinner Meeting
10/09/2014 October Monthly Meeting
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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Email: zoomzoom [at]

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