Forest Grove Concourse Car Show

  • 07/15/2018
  • Pacific University-Forest Grove


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Forest Grove Concourse d' Elegance

ORGANIZER: Jack Pendleton

WHERE: Meet at 9:30 Rte 30 Starbucks - 26th &Yeon-Rte 30,-122.7064545,15.75z


Concourse d' Elegance, a fancy name for a car show where, if you have to ask the price of the car, you can't afford it.  

Meet at the Hwy 30 Starbucks (north of the intersection of 405 and 30) at 9:30 AM, leave at 10 AM.

We will meet in north Portland and take a one-hour or so cruise over the west hills and through the countryside to the car show on the campus of Pacific University in Forest Grove.  We are starting fairly early because the weather is forecast to be hot that day, and we want to take advantage of the cooler morning.   The entry fee for adults is $18.50, seniors $17.00.  There is food and drink at the concourse.

RSVPs are a must for ALL events.  Please register here on the event page - we need a car count and a person count if we stop for a meal.

Address: PO Box 396, Portland, Oregon 97207

Email: zoomzoom [at]

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