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August, 2019

Portland International Raceway
8:00 AM
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This year’s Dash for Kids Race and Auction will be held on August 17 and August 18 at Portland International Raceway, PIR
Peggy's House Starting Spot
10:00 AM
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Wednesday, August at 10:15am Peggy‘s home: 6432 SW Burlingame Place (503-709-3616) leaving at
10:30am..............back roads to SW Skyline Blvd.

Another pick up spot is by the small cemetery on Skyline (just as you pass W.Burnside-where Skyline begins)not the large one - right hand side. at 11:00 am we will wait 5 minutes.... continue on Skyline - to Rocky Point Road - down to Hwy 30 - back roads to St. Helens - to enjoy lunch at the Plymouth Pub.
Approx. 2-hours drive /then lunch/ rain or shine.